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Pointwise for CFD Meshing

Structured Grid Generation

For applications that require 100% hexahedral, flow-aligned cells

Hybrid Meshing

A rapid method for meshing complex geometry with boundary layer resolution

Overset Mesh Generation

Trades topology for overlap as a means of handling complex and moving geometry

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Product & Services

A powerful grid generation tool for creating structured, unstructured, and hybrid meshes. With Pointwise’s Glyph scripting language, you can automate the whole or a part of your meshing process.

We provide customized training on-site or online. Our services include basic training for new users and advanced training tailored to your specific meshing needs. We also offer basic and advanced training in Pointwise Glyph scripting language.

neptech provides consulting services within CFD.




Pointwise's meshing software has been applied to virtually every major aircraft and spacecraft in the last 30 years.

Wind Energy

Efficient design, construction, and operation of wind farms require accurate CFD simulations to gain insight into the relevant aerodynamics. Pointwise’s mesh generation provides the foundation for those accurate simulations, from the individual blades to entire wind farm.


Whether you're engaged in production CFD to refine an existing design, doing parametric analysis to support design of a new vehicle, or researching advanced concepts for the next generation of vehicles, Pointwise provides all your mesh generation capabilities.


Marine and hydrodynamic applications of CFD are a field where Pointwise's meshing software has a long history. From racing yachts to cargo ships to submarines, from appendage drag to surface wave capturing to hydroacoustics, Pointwise supports the accurate meshing required.

Reliable Computational Solutions