Fidelity Pointwise

In your line of work where attention to detail is paramount, Fidelity Pointwise's capabilities shine.

Experience CFD meshing reimagined

At the heart of every engineer’s computational fluid dynamics (CFD) journey lies a critical phase – meshing. It’s the foundation, the make-or-break moment that determines the accuracy and efficiency of your CFD simulations. 

We understand that meshing can be a time-intensive endeavor, and that’s where Fidelity Pointwise comes in. This cutting-edge technology leverages industry-leading mesh generation techniques and geometry model preparation capabilities to deliver unmatched fidelity in characterizing the fluid domain.

Choose Fidelity Pointwise for control, innovation, and the future of computational fluid dynamics.

A range of essential features

Pointwise is a versatile tool that plays a pivotal role in the world of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) by simplifying and optimizing the meshing process.
For CFD engineers this software offers features that contribute to improving CFD simulations and reducing time-to-results.

Control on Local Mesh Refinement

Pointwise enables you to concentrate computational resources where they matter most. In CFD, this translates into capturing fine details and gradients in the flow field accurately. With Pointwise, you have infinite control on your local refinements and boundary layer meshing. This level of detail is crucial for predicting aerodynamic or hydrodynamic behavior with accuracy.

Complex Geometries Meshing

Pointwise's prowess lies in its ability to handle complex geometries seamlessly. It streamlines the process of creating meshes that accurately represent the geometry, ensuring that your Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations are not only reliable but also computationally efficient.

Mesh Quality Examination

Mesh quality is paramount in CFD, and Pointwise doesn't disappoint. It includes a multitude of examination parameters for Mesh Quality Assessment, allowing you to identify and rectify any issues in your mesh. High-quality meshes lead to more stable CFD results, a fundamental requirement for any simulation.

Parallel Processing

Parallel Processing is a must-have for handling large and complex geometries. Pointwise supports parallel processing, making it feasible to mesh substantial models efficiently. This capability is a time-saver, contributing to faster time-to-results, which is invaluable in time-sensitive engineering projects.

Automated Mesh Generation

Automated Mesh Generation is one of Pointwise's standout features. It automates the often complex task of generating meshes for intricate geometries. This is particularly beneficial for CFD engineers as it significantly reduces the manual effort required. Whether you're working with structured or unstructured grids, Pointwise's automation speeds up the process and allows you to focus on the physics of the problem rather than the mesh.

Max Control on Refined Grids
Powerful Mesh Quality Analysis
Smooth scripting for 
repetitive meshing tasks
Multiple export plugins

Full Control

on every aspect






High Order



Compatibility with a

wide range of CFD solvers

Pointwise is renowned for its versatility and compatibility with a wide range of CFD solvers. Whether you’re working with commercial CFD software or open-source solutions, Pointwise can seamlessly interface with them. Some of the notable CFD solvers it is compatible with include:


Cadence Fidelity CFD

ANSYS Fluent

Ansys CFX

Siemens STAR-CCM+

COMSOL Multiphysics

Support and Training

From seamless installation to mastering the software, you can count on our unwavering support, empowering you at every stage of implementation and utilization. We offer accessible guidance and training tailored to your schedule, ensuring assistance is readily available when you need it most.