The secret to a good CFD simulation is good meshing

Fidelity Pointwise makes it simple to create high-quality meshes and gives you great control over grid construction for complex models.

Elevating CFD Simulations to New Heights

At the heart of every engineer’s computational fluid dynamics (CFD) journey lies a critical phase – meshing. It’s the foundation, the make-or-break moment that determines the accuracy and efficiency of your CFD simulations.

We understand that meshing can be a time-intensive endeavor, and that’s where Fidelity Pointwise comes in. This cutting-edge technology leverages industry-leading mesh generation techniques and geometry model preparation capabilities to deliver unmatched fidelity in characterizing the fluid domain.

Hybrid, Overset and High-Order Meshes

Having an assortment of hexahedral, overset, and high-order cell definitions facilitates rigorous sensitivity and quality analysis when mesh sizes can reach hundreds of millions or even billions of cells.

Ease of Interface With Any Simulation Workflow

Fidelity Pointwise empowers CFD users to access top-quality meshes, while excelling in the seamless import and export of geometry models and software tools, ensuring an efficient workflow.

Customizable Scripting and Templates

You can streamline your repetitive meshing tasks scripting your taylor-made routine within Fidelity Pointwise environment.


Meshing software for Computational Fluid Dynamics

Since 2018, neptech is the sales partner for Fidelity Pointwise in the Nordic countries. Beyond software distribution, we offer comprehensive support, effective training and specialized consulting services in the field of CFD research. Rely on us to choose the meshing tools you need to excel in the world of computational fluid dynamics simulation.


We envision a future where innovation is limitless

neptech’s vision is to be the premier partner in the field of computational engineering and simulation, empowering organizations and research institutions in the Nordic Countries with cutting-edge meshing software solutions. We imagine a future where engineering challenges are easily met through transformative technology.


Fidelity Pointwise is perfect


Streamlined meshes for aircraft design and aerodynamic optimization

Pointwise has been used for the aerodynamic design of virtually every major aircraft and spacecraft in the last 35 years.

Wind Turbines

Fine-tuned meshing to maximize wind turbine efficiency and energy production

Pointwise lays the foundation for precise meshing and simulations, from individual blades to entire wind farms, enabling efficiency-optimized designs and operations.


Precision meshing to optimize turbine and compressor design

Pointwise provides unrivaled meshes for CFD simulations, whether for cavitation, heat transfer analysis, or turbomachinery design and prototyping.


Enhanced hydrodynamic simulations for optimized ship and propeller efficiency

Pointwise meets all mesh generation needs for vessel performance optimization, new ship designs, and innovations in maritime transportation.


High-quality meshes for rapid drone design and aerodynamic testing

Pointwise offers unparalleled meshing capabilities for studying the airflow around a drone's airframe rotor blades, and other components.


Accurate meshing and well resolved simulations of biological/biomedical flows

Pointwise empowers simulations for studying heart or lung flows, designing drug delivery systems, and more, with high-quality meshes for detailed studies.

Academic Research

A versatile software supporting academic research in cfd and engineering

Pointwise offers precise control for accuracy, time efficiency, and innovation across aerospace, marine, mechanical engineering, and materials sciences.


Efficient meshing for car design and aerodynamic performance assessment.

Pointwise offers versatile mesh generation for optimizing existing designs, supporting new vehicle parametric analysis, and exploring advanced vehicle concepts.

Explore Our Case Studies

Meshing and CFD simulations of High-Lift Devices Design in a Turboprop Aircraft

This case study focuses on turboprop aircraft as an environmentally friendly means. CFD analysis assesses the effect of morphing devices for the drooped wing leading edge, geometry morphed flaps and winglets.

Mesh morphing of an airfoil with foldable Krueger flap


This study presents the simulation of the deployment process of a foldable Krueger flap, focusing on the mesh morphing technique that is required to adapt the mesh according to the position of the model.

High-Fidelity mesh of a co-axial rotor system


This study focuses on coaxial rotor systems applied to multirotor drones. It looks into adjusting lower rotor pitch to improve efficiency, to extend mission time and enable new mission capabilities.


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