Introducing the World’s First CFD Supercomputer – Millennium M1

Introducing the World’s First CFD Supercomputer – Millennium M1

It’s no secret that the automotive industry is constantly evolving. From the newest models to the latest technology, there’s always something exciting happening in this area. One of the most interesting developments in recent years has been the use of simulation technology to design and test vehicles for improved fuel economy and vehicle aerodynamics. Moreover, especially with fuel efficiency standards such as the CAFE targets of 58 miles/gallon by 2032, it becomes increasingly important to use simulation software capable of achieving this goal. However, previous CFD solutions don’t provide accurate, high-fidelity results, with same-day turnaround time, and the ability to scale and simulate the entire car.


Introducing the Millennium M1 CFD Supercomputer


In 2021, Cadence expanded into computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and embarked on expanding our multiphysics simulation solution. Now, Cadence is introducing the Millennium Enterprise Multiphysics Platform, the industry’s first hardware/software (HW/SW) accelerated digital twin solution for multiphysics system design and analysis. Targeted at one of the biggest opportunities for greater performance and efficiency, the first-generation Millennium M1 CFD Supercomputer accelerates high-fidelity CFD simulations. Available in the cloud or on-premises, this turnkey solution includes graphics processing units (GPUs) from leading providers, extremely fast interconnections, and an enhanced Cadence high-fidelity CFD software stack optimized for GPU acceleration and generative AI. Millennium M1 instances can be fused into a unified cluster, enabling customers to achieve an unprecedented same-day turnaround time and near-linear scalability when simulating complex mechanical systems. It delivers up to 100X impact and over 20X energy efficiency over traditional HPC.


In the automotive industry, accuracy is of utmost importance, especially while optimizing the model to minimize parasitic drag and improve aerodynamics. Achieving high precision requires CFD solvers capable of capturing even the finest details, and such solver technologies come at a significant cost. Millennium M1 is a GPU-based hardware system, optimized to accelerate large eddy simulations (LES) in the Cadence Fidelity LES solver. The hardware system is designed with an extensible architecture and a massively scalable Fidelity LES solver that offers nearly linear scalability on multiple GPU nodes.


Key Features and Benefits


Millennium M1 is a powerful software for CFD simulations, offering improved accuracy, speed, and scalability, delivering up to 100X impact on design. Moreover, its near-linear scaling across multiple applications with up to 88% performance scaling and up to 32,000 CPU-core equivalents allows predictive CFD to run ahead of production testing.

With GPU compute and modern CFD solvers, this system enables high-performance CFD design and optimization. Additionally, the system is highly flexible and scalable, with the option to deploy it on-premises or in the cloud, and is compatible with GPUs from leading vendors. This makes it an extremely versatile solution that can cater to the needs of customers of any size and computing requirements.

Millennium M1 comes with an optimized environment that accelerates CFD design and optimization, resulting in faster simulation times and higher accuracy. Its high scalability makes it an ideal choice for customers who need to perform simulations on a large scale.



Millennium M1 represents a significant leap forward in CFD capabilities, delivering unparalleled performance and efficiency. Moreover, the system’s advanced architecture and cutting-edge technology make it a game-changer in the field, providing researchers and engineers with a powerful tool to tackle complex simulations and analyses. Furthermore, Millennium M1 is a remarkable feat of engineering that sets a new standard for CFD supercomputing. Additionally, the applications of Millennium M1 are not limited to the automotive industry and can be extended to aerospace, energy, turbomachinery, and other areas. This suggests that this is just the beginning—Millennium M1 will continue to evolve and adapt to the needs of the industry.


Experience the pinnacle of CFD simulation technology advancement with Millennium M1 and join us on this journey to shift left in the product design cycle!

Author: Ben Gu, Corporate Vice President · Cadence Design Systems

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